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Ever watched a movie and realised the couple in it was boring? Ever thought that Mean Girls would be better with our three favourite Cheerios as the Queen Bees? Ever found yourself uncontrollably sobbing when you had the terrible idea of substituting Kurt and Blaine for Jennifer Cavalleri and Oliver Barrett IV in Love Story? This is your chance. If you think that Blaine would be the perfect Jake Ryan to Kurt's Samantha Baker, or that Puck is the John Bender to Quinn's Claire Standish, believe us, we do too. Whether you've always wanted to write an epic Star Wars/Glee AU with Finn as Chewbacca and Artie as R2D2, or whether you've been dying to work on a Jennifer's Body AU with Santana as the Megan-Fox-demon-girl, we're here for that.

Interested? Sign up at gleeatthemovies! (We'll also be taking prompts! The sign-ups for prompts will open the same time we open the artist/writer sign-ups!)

[Posted with mod permission]
31 August 2011 @ 01:55 pm
So I know this pairing is probably one that not many have thought of or may like, but I figured we'll need a place to rant out story ideas that you want to see be written - so I'm making this post.

Basically you just comment below with any sorts of prompts (and limitations should you need) and there absolutely NO CLAIMING OR LIMITS on how many people can write for a prompt. There is also no word limits or anything like - only rating limit incase that's the prompter's wish.

So start writing prompts for Quinnofsky, and if you want to add another character to the ship that is PERFECTLY FINE. I'll accept any pairing that deals with Quinn/David.

If there is a lot of prompts (maybe eventually), I'll make delicious account to organize them.
18 August 2011 @ 09:16 pm
I just want to thank anyone who joins this community. Here, you can post anything from news to fanworks as long as it deals with Quinn&David.

If you want to promote the community, you may use the below banner:

If you're interested in affiliating this community, just comment below. ;D